Pandemonium in COZA as protest turns violent

The demonstration by women at the headquarters of Commonwealth Zion Assembly (COZA) turned violent Sunday as the church leadership are said to have hired people from neighbouring communities to counter the effort of the protesters.

Members of the church had formed a barricade to prevent the angry protesters from gaining entry into the church premises, and disrupt Sunday church service. That led to an exchange of words and fisticuffs between the women and church members.

The counter protesters, who are mostly Muslim youths, were quickly assembled to disrupt the women’s protest. They were armed with placard bearing different inscriptions that countered the allegations of the women protesters.

Some of the counter protesters admitted to having collected money and hard substances to join in the protest. While many of them turned their placards upside down, others confessed not to know the reason for the counter action.


(Sun News)


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