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C&S Church Must Keep Its Tempo Continuously High – Bose Bakare

Snr. Apostolic Mother Bose Bakare is chairperson of the Ceremonies & Anniversaries Planning Committee for the 94th anniversary of the birth of Cherubim & Seraphim organisation. In this chat with TINUOLA OSHUTOKUN, she explains why Seraphs should continue to rejoice and give glory to God.

May we meet you ma’m?

My names are Comfort Bosede O. Bakare, Senior Apostolic Mother. I am also known as Otitọ-ni-Freedom. I currently serve as the chairperson of the Ceremonies and Anniversaries Planning Committee (C&APC) of the Cherubim & Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria.

Our task in the committee is to plan effective and successful Seraphim Day Anniversary for this year 2019 by the grace of God.

The Cherubim & Seraphim Church is 94 this year you are heading the C&APC. How do you feel being appointed to direct the affairs of the celebration?

I feel very humbled. I feel very, very humbled because I know there are uncountable Seraphs that could have been chosen to undertake this honourable assignment before I was singled out for such a task. I give God the glory that I am given the chance to organise the great event.

You and members of your Committee must have worked tirelessly to make the day memorable. What are the challenges you have faced so far?

(Sighs) Challenges!  Jehovah has surmounted what could have been a serious challenge which is the ineptitude of Seraphs in general to contributing to the success of things that are even theirs.

The Cherubim and Seraphim Church (especially the Unification Church) has reached a height and level that should not be lowered but built upon so that the church can continue to soar. But we have seen that many Seraphs do not always want to stand out and be counter when occasion demands especially with regards to contributing money.


If some blessed Seraphs, chief amongst which is Rev. Mother Esther AbimbolaAjayi, had not risen up to the challenge, the standard already attained would have been lowered year.  But we thank God for great mercies and for the lives of those generous Seraphs.

The 2018 Seraphim Day Celebration was great. What are the new things we should expect from this year’s anniversary that are different from that of last year?

Every Seraphim Day celebration from as far back as I was born and even earlier had always been great.  It got to a crescendo last year due to many factors.  That tempo is louder this year with the attendance of three Executive Governors from the Western Region of Nigeria; those of Ogun, Lagos and Oyo states as well as other highly-placed dignitaries in the Cherubim & Seraphim fold and beyond.

This year’s theme says: ‘BE OF GOOD CHEER, IT IS I, BE NOT AFRAID’. At 94, are we still afraid? Why not a theme with celebration mode?

For as long as anyone lives, there will be instances of challenges, culminating in fear (real or imaginary), and they can come in any form. 

Remember that even when Apostle Peter – that great disciple of the Lord – was given authority by our Lord Jesus Christ to come walking on the sea like Him, he (Peter) still got scared only that grace was given to him.

Dissention, rifts, lack and want, etc. could create fear in humans really, but the emphasis of the Theme is that Jesus said ‘IT IS I’

So, it is about re-emphasising the assurance of Jesus Christ that we cannot and will never be drowned by or with any kind of challenges we face in this world.  Let us not make the mistake: challenges are bound to come, but ours is to conquer it in the Name of Jesus Christ. Alleluia! 

And celebration gets even sweeter when you always remember that we are assured that ‘kos’ewul’okoLongẹ, afigiririaparo’ (there is no fear in Longẹ’s farm, except the rowdiness of the partridges).

It’s great news to hear that three sitting governors from the South West states of Nigeria will be at This year’s Anniversary. How did the church come about bringing these leaders to Seraphim Land?

The Cherubim & Seraphim Church is not a small fry in Christendom. We are no longer an ‘abẹ-ile’ (behind the scene) body of Christ. 

Remember that in Rome, the Church is synonymous with governance.  It is therefore very much in place to have the presence of government amongst us to celebrate with us the grace and honour that Jehovah has placed on us, counting us worthy as members of this glorious Church.

Possibly by the time they (the now invited governors –  continually behold that beauty, may decide to join us in wearing ‘AṣọAdura (White Prayer Robes)’ to praise Jehovah God of Saint Moses Orimọlade Tunolaṣe and Captain Abiọdun Emmanuel.


But more seriously, their presence will make the world better appreciate us as an important factor of the body of Christ in the country. Though, Governor BabajideSanwo-Olu of Lagos State was at the ‘Celebrate the Comforter’ event at TafawaBalewa Square in July, and he told us there that he really enjoyed his coming to the programme.

So, having these personalities in such a programme is very good for the church. We thank God for that.

Also, be it known to you that this year, apart from the three governors coming, there are some other important Nigerians that have been invited to this occasion which I may not want to bore you with their names here.

Seraphim Day Celebration is one programmes that involves all Seraphs; as the Chairperson of the organising committee for this year, do you have the support of all and sundry in the church?

Oh My God!  No Seraphs, No Anniversary!  It’s ALL OF US! And we all, great and small, not only support, but are all glad to be here together to praise our God. See for yourself.  Ask them all whether they do not support us.  If we do not receive that support, we will not record this number of attendance here today.

Also, I want to commend our heads of churches for the support shown during the periods we were going round churches sensitising members of the programme. Our heads of churches really supported us well and we are grateful for this. It is our prayers that this annual even will always record the kind of successes we have seen today.

…And what are the logistics that you have put in place for the event?

Thank you. I can tell you that there will be BRT buses scattered across the state to convey Seraphs to and from the venue of the celebration. Remember that the deployment of buses for our members in the C&S church has become a tradition lately and this time round, we have made arrangements for these buses to convey our members to the venue and back to their respective destinations.  These are some of the support we talked about that we got from the likes of Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi to make this event memorable.

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