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C&S Needs To Rebuild Broken Walls – Bose Osinowo

Supt. Apostolic Mother Bose Osinowo is otherwise called ‘The Golden Daughter of AgboJesu’, worshipping at Saviours Ministry C&S Church in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State. In this no-holds-barred interview with SEGUN ADIO, she narrates the story of her journey in the C&S church and her dreams for the church of God.

Who is Bose Osinowo?

My father was a founder in a C&S church in Ijebu-Ode. I was born and bred in the Cherubim & Seraphim Church. So, it means that I was born in the church.Cherubim & Seraphim is a church that runs in my family blood and so it runs in my own blood too.

My father was the late ‘Baba Aladura’ Gabriel Olorunfunmi Osinowo. Of course, he was not ordained as Baba Aladura but that was what people called and known him for.

I am also a member of the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim & Seraphim Church (ESOCS) at Ereko, in Ijebu-Ode.

Could you tell us your growth in the C&S Church apart from being born into the church?

When I came to Lagos at a young age, I worshipped at a C&S Church in Mushin at Coker Street. The church was headed by a woman but she is late now.I later left there and went to leave at Ikotun where I joined another C&S church there. I am still a member of that church till today.After a while, the Almighty God upgraded me and I moved to Alausa in Ikeja. There I also joined another C&S church which is the Saviours Ministries where I worship till today.

What has been your experience since you joined the Saviours Ministries?

Oh! I can tell you that since I became a member of that church, it’s been good stories all the way; the people there are awesome, the Primate of the Church, Baba NiranAluko and his wife are wonderful people. I even call Baba Aluko ‘My Dad’. The members of the church are simply great and wonderful. 


Saviours Ministries has been around for a long time but people in the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria have not been hearing too much about them in that fold. Why is this is so?

Maybe it is not really true that the Saviours Ministries has not been active in the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria. But all I can say is that we probably are not where people expected us to be.In any case, when I got to the church, I saw the way people were worshipping God and I was not too satisfied.

I got to the church when a set of people were just leaving; it was like when God wanted to cleanse a place, some people would have to give way. That is what I likened it to. So, I met the church when God was doing the cleansing.It was even surprising that when I got to the church, the leader was away in overseas with his wife.

So, when I saw the way things were, I called the elders there to ask what we could do to revive the church. Then we started powerful revivals, vigils and evangelism. That was when I started some empowerment programmes for members and others outside the church. I started with make-up, small chops, bread baking, beads,soaps and so on.

I also gave give out sun glasses. I didn’t publicise the empowerment programmes even though it is good to make it known to the world. But that was the time when we were trying to win souls for Christ into the church.

We did not want just anyone that would come because of what he would get. There is a man in my church named Baba Ikorodu who before my arrival had stopped coming to church. When he saw what I was doing, he asked when the C&S church started to do such things and he came back to the church.

With such programmes, God started bringing many people to the church. Today we boast of about 300 members at a single Sunday service from the 20 members when I joined newly. At a stage, God told us we have to change the face of the church physically and he used members to achieve that to what you see in the church today.

Talking about why we have not been so active in the Unification fold, I believe that there are reasons and time for everything. Sometimes, people could feel that because of their numerical strength, they could do it alone but it would come to a stage that there would be a new thinking.But I thank God today the church is in the Unification family and I know for sure that we are a member of the Lagos State chapter of the Unification.

Apart from that, I think it is God’s time that is always the best. Our church has been a strong partner of the Unification Church for a long time even when we were not so actively involved in its meetings.

For example, the church had played host to several Unification Church programmes and anytime they approached us for assistance, we always oblige.Also, some of our elders work hand-in-hand with the Unification Church. I am part and parcel of the Unification Church and I know God has been faithful with His church.

What was your experience in the C&S church back in time and today and can you do a comparison of the two eras?

Well, I can tell you that whatever is observed today as probably shortcomings of our members today has been the same since the inception of C&S. The unfortunate thing is that many of us do not understand or do not know the beings we bear the same name withCherubs and Seraphs.Let us cast our mind back to the Garden of Eden when God chased out our fore-bearers (Adam and Eve), God placed the Cherubs to watch after the garden.

That is how important the angels are before God and those are the beings with which we share same on earth now. What am I saying? I mean that the love that God had for the Cherubs of those days when the church started, is still the same love He has for all of us in the church today. What may probably be the issue is ‘your’ own attitude to the Church and to God. How close are you to God?

If you want me to do a comparative analysis of the C&S Church of old when we were growing up and the C&S church of today in 21st century, I can tell you that the power of God in the church remains at it was then. What may be considered to have changed is the way members of the church serve God today.The efficacy of fasting, prayer, vigil, water, oil and so on that were so potent at that time, are still as potent today.

The problem many members have today is their attitude towards God and the way they conduct their service before Him.But I can recall that in those days when we were young, our fathers observed the liturgy and tenets of the church together with strict Order of Service. The Order of Service from the congregation hymn to opening of service, 3-member prayers, thanksgivings, revivals and so on were strictly observed.

Back in time, we clapped a lot especially during revivals. Of course, there were no keyboards as we find everywhere today. There were not many traditional drums and so on but we worshipped God with our hearts and soul.Some of the changes we notice are that Seraphs of today rarely clap their hands. Back then, we clapped our hearts out to the extent that sometimes you see blisters on your palms. I can boldly tell you that everything we sought from God is answered.

Today, we have jettisoned clapping of our hands; we only dance and dance today. That was not what was obtained in those days.One other thing that set the Seraphs of old far apart from those of today is that back then, those worshipping God were not doing so because of money; they were not money-conscious. It was not as if they did not need money but money was relegated to the background in their worship.

Heads of churches in those days really ‘suffered’ because they worship God raw, if I may put it that way. They followed laid down rules.But today, things have changed. Many herbalists are now in the C&S church with almost all the titles in the church on their heads.

Heads of OPC are now church leaders in some of our churches. What I am saying is that over the years, many people with negative and questionable characters have crept into the church.They were not called by God but who call themselves because of pecuniary gains. They are now carrying big titles in C&S churches all over now. There is need for serious introspection.

Today, people are just doing what they like. There is no regard for elders and constituted authorities again unlike the days of old. Like I said, in those days, Seraphs worshiped God in spirit and with their hearts. They did very well and that is why the church is still in existence today.

If they had not done well, we would not have the church still standing today.When the church was founded, we heard that there were initial hiccups but the leaders then did not allow the church to collapse beyond redemption.

Even if there were division in the early day, the leaders soon came back and retraced their steps to make sure the church remains one and indivisible. In the old days, when a Visioner tells you ‘God says’ that thing will happen. How many prophets today can boldly say God says’ and it will happen as was said? They are not many again.

Today, we are all after leadership positions. We want to be founders and leaders; we want to be Spiritual Heads and so forth. That is the problem the C&S church is facing today.We are not saying there are no issues in other churches, but we are x-raying our own here and we need to say it so that everyone could retrace his step and follow the right path.

Many people are after money, they are after what they could get from the system not what they could contribute to the system. But some are spending their God-given wealth to develop the church.

The name of Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi easily comes to mind here. See what she has been doing all round the country for C&S church. Likewise, there are some others doing similar things, but how many of our well-to-dos are doing these?

How many of our members go to church to truly worship God except to look for a way to make money even from the church?Some were telling me that IyaAduraAjayi has not ‘touched’ them in their church.

 I took some people for an empowerment programme recently and they were asking me before they went with me whether there would be monetary gains at the programme. That is the lot of the church today. Of course, it is a general problem in the country.

The bottom line today for many members is money. They refused to see beyond ‘now’ and serve God conscientiously. People go to church now to ask for money. Only a few people go to seek salvation. Truth is rare in C&S church nowadays.

If some people come to you for a couple of times and they did not get money, they will not come back. We are too money-conscious today as Christians generally. People are not ready to serve God with their hearts and wait for His reward. Instead, they want their reward immediately.

So, how can we get out of this situation?

What we can do is to go back to God. Also, we need the teachings of the Bible that is very deep. That’s the first way to go. If we have deep teachings and knowledge of the Bible, we will have the fear of God and that will take us out of the present state we find ourselves.

In the old days, those Babas read Bible a lot because there were no too many distractions like we have around today. The little Bible they read then sunk into their brains and they worked with it.

Today, Bible teaching is not deep in many C&S churches. This I know. God says He cherishes His Word more than His name. That should tell us that we need to go deep into the teaching of the Bible where the word of God resides.

Recently, I was praying and I was telling God that ‘God, You told Aaron to go meet the Israelites and tell them that ‘I the Lord should bless and keep you”.  I then told God that I stood under the calling of Aaron of that time and add my calling with his, ‘Now I bless my household that the eyes of the Lord should be upon me and my people.

What I am saying is that if you have deep knowledge of the Bible you would know how best to talk to God. So, you need to know the Bible deeply so you can talk with it and benefit from it immensely.

 But some people do not want to associate with the C&S church because they think we are fetish

 That is stupid talk. Let me tell you the fetish people (herbalists) are more in so-called Gospel churches now. Because we in C&S Church have continually told the herbalists that there is no way for them in our church. Today, those that castigate the C&S church in time past are now involved more into those things we condemn in our churches.

And of course, the gospel churches now copy all that we had been condemning like the use of incense and candles. So, if they have suddenly found solace in those things that God endowed us with, why would they still be castigating us?I am not saying there are no bad eggs in our church, there are. But that a few are bad does not mean every one of us is bad.

For instance, a pastor in a gospel church once told me to come and take ‘something’ but I told him the blood of Jesus is enough for me; I don’t need anything beside the name of Jesus. That is who we are as C&S church.

Those that are still involved in idolatry practices and are still in the world would have themselves to blame at the end of the day. Those who believe in ‘Eto’ know why but as for me, I don’t believe in it. What I believe in is fasting and prayer. I also like to go to vigils and mix with prophets and prophetesses of God. That’s where I derive my joy.

Let us go to your activities in the C&S church. People say you do not publicize your activities?

It is God that rewards people not human beings. Whatever people say I have done in the past; let it be before God. Let God accept it from me. We might say we have done a lot for people and they may be nothing before God.

Of course, it is good to publicize activities that you do so that many people can benefit from them. It is good to publicise what you do in a way and that is why I salute Rev. Mother Ajayi for what she has used the name of C&S church to achieve. She is doing marvelously well in the ministry and may God continue to be with her.


We have tried in the Christendom. What God wants from us is to propagate His Kingdom. Let God manifest Himself in my life more than what He has done up till today. The ultimate aim is the House of Glory we are all pursuing for us to be partakers in it. So, what we should be after most is the Kingdom of God.

Of course, we are part of this planet earth and we are bound by some things done here because we live here. That, of course, should not make us to forget the purpose for which we were created which is to serve God.

So, it is only God that can reward someone; no one else. Also, it is only God that can judge us and no one else. Therefore, let the righteous continue to be righteous; let the wicked continue to be wicked as the Bible says. By the close of age God will judge us all. All I want to tell people is that they should not condemn anybody, whether that person is in your church or not.

Like I said earlier if our knowledge of the Bible is deep, we will not have all the challenges that permeate our churches today. Our people believe so much in vision. In my our own church, I told the Visioners who normally go into trance once we start service not to fall into trance or claim God is using him or her until after we have all listened to the sermon.

I don’t believe in visions until we have listened to the sermon first before all that. When it is time to sing and dance they will not go into trance but when it is time for sermon, they will go into trance. How would such a person hear the word of God?

What programmes do you have for C&S church members now or in the near future?

Oh! I have a lot of programmes lined up just like I have been doing before now. Talking about evangelism, I have done quite a number of crusades and evangelism at my church level. But people are calling for more.

I commend those doing great evangelism work now in the C&S church like the ‘Celebrate the Comforter’ that just ended. There are also many of such revivals in many churches. They are all fishermen for the second coming of Christ. God will continue to strengthen them and God should strengthen me too.

Some people think C&S church would have moved beyond where it is today but for some crisis in it?

No! There is no crisis in the C&S church. What they may be referring to is a scheme by God to perfect His way in the church. The wish of God is what will prevail in the church. If Pharaoh had not stood in the way of the Israelites, they would not have reached their Promised Land. That is how God works.

Sometimes, things do not work the way we want. That is just what we are seeing. Just worship to the extent to which God gave you the strength.What people may be saying is may be those seeking positions, titles, recognition and so on. But what matters is that we should serve God with humility; with good intent; with diligence and we will see that God will elevate us to where we do not even expect.

Are you planning to own a church?

When you talk about building for God, it is a wonderful thing. But do you know that Nehemiah only rebuilt a broken House of God. He only rebuilt, he did not start from the scratch.There are many broken ‘walls’ in the C&S church that need to be rebuilt. So, C&S church is in dire need or a Nehemiah to rebuild broken fences and broken walls. You may do that and be accepted by God, not necessarily be the Head of a church.

One of the main issues in the C&S church is people wanting to be leaders and not servants. If God wants me to build a House for Him, who am I to say No? But it is God that will build my own church.

My prayer is that God will give us the grace and strength to go rebuild some churches in the C&S that are in shambles. We need to touch some of these churches by way of extending to them hands of goodwill to be able to bring them back to life.

What is your advice to Seraphs of today regarding the lifestyles of some of them?

God has blessed us a lot in the C&S church. No matter whom you are and what is on your mind, as a member of the C&S church, you wear a long white garment that covers your whole body. You still apply a cap or long head tie that covers all your neck and all that.  These were the designs of the founding leaders of the church.

Even on Sundays ladies expose their body in the guise of dressing. That should not happen in C&S church. If you are a member and you are coming to church, you must wear the long gown. We are following the ways of God as written in the Bible.

So, provocative dressing is forbidden in C&S church and every member of the church must adhere strictly to this. We don’t expose any part of our body in the C&S church.What we need to do in the C&S church is to continue to educate our youth in the way of God.

But as members of C&S church, we are supposed to be role-models. We can dress beautifully without necessarily being naked. A lot of parents have lost their sense of parenthood; they assume their girls were only being fashion-conscious, not knowing they are agents of the devil with the way they dress.

We will continue to pray for our youth not to deviate from the way of the Lord. I am looking unto the face of the Lord to establish a Bible College where morals and word of God will be taught in the Seraph way. We will use that to focus on the youth of the church.


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