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‘C&S Youth Shall Do Great Exploits In Nigeria’

Sister Tinuola Oshuntokun JP is the chairperson of the 20th convention committee of the Youth Fellowship, Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria, Lagos State Chapter. She spoke to Seraphnews on plans for the successful hosting of the Convention.

How did you feel to have been saddled with such an enormous responsibility?

I feel honoured by God and I give God the glory for the great opportunity to serve. It’s actually a call to serve.

 I have been coming to camp as a camper for four years, but in 2004, Bro. Bode Medale was camp chairman then in which  I was fortunate to  be a member of the committee.

I have always been part of it since then, except for a few years that I was not available.

For my kind of person, I love to work underground than being at the forefront. So, being the head of the committee this time around is the last assignment I want to consider or venture into but have been cut unawares.

How has the journey been so far?

Well, it has been so interesting and challenging. Personally, it has developed my horizon the more.

Myself and my committee members came on board in January 2019 but the journey actually commenced in March.

The interesting part is working with my committee members; we are two females in the committee, while the rest are males. Anyway, it is interesting working with all of them.


What I observe is that they don’t take things easy with me in the committee as they always stood their ground but sometimes they allow me have my way. Anyway, I still find it easy and interesting working with them.

For the challenge, it makes me more stronger. The position requires a lot of divine wisdom and patience which is what we asked God to give us.

At every point we have a challenge, all our pre- convention progammes so far have their it own unique challenges but faithful is He that called. We have always weathered the storm as they arise.

We do know that the main event is scheduled for November this year, but could you share with us some of the pre-convention activities?

Yes our convention is scheduled to hold from Thursday, 31st October to Sunday, 3rd November, 2019, at the Seraphim Land, Km 40 Lagos- Ibadan Express way, Maba, Ogun State.

We are celebrating 20 years of the existence of the Youth Fellow of the Lagos State chapter.

 The committee felt it must not be business as usual. I mean we felt that we should do things differently this time around and so we unveiled our theme in a different way and in grand style. For instance, the unveiling was done in a documentary form where we also have the pioneers leadership and members of the Fellowship in attendance.

Also, a two-day stakeholders summit with the theme ‘COME UP HITHER’ (Rev. 4:1b) was held. It was also a gathering of pioneer members, former executive members, unit heads, past convention chairmen and secretaries.

The summit was actually meant to chart the course of the fellowship for another 20 years. The Chairman of the Lagos State chapter, our parent body, Snr. supt, Apostle J.O. AdagbaJ.pil, who happens to be the first youth coordinator of the chapter, declared the summit open and he was accompanied by the state’s Chief Scribe, Evangelist (Dr.) RotimiOdugbesanJpil.

Apart from the summit, we also held an open air crusade which was used to enlighten people on the use of already available resources from God for them to take charge of situations in their lives. The theme of the crusade was ‘Total Dominion’ (Gen. 1:28).

There was also a brothers and sisters summit with the theme ‘AN IDEAL PARTNER’, for singles and married ones.

It was to re-orientate all married couples and singles on the standard expectations of an ideal partner.

Other pre-convention progammes also included a Walk for Christ.

It is actually a means of evangelism and a way of showcasing the God of Seraphs to the outside world.

We also had visitation to the less privilege and needy homes. The visitation was tagged ‘TORCH A SOUL’, with which will show the less privileged love and care as it was recorded in the scriptures by Jesus Christ.


The last two pre-convention progammes (Walk for Christ and visitation to less privilege homes) are schedule to come up in the month of October.

Talking more about the 20 Convention of the Youth fellowship, what is the main theme of the convention and for what purpose?

I said earlier that the Youth Fellowship is celebrating her 20th anniversary and convention this year. We, the committee members for this two great events, agreed to consider the journey of the Fellowship from its beginning, the present and its future.

So, the theme of the convention is GREAT IS THY FAITHFULNESS (Lamentations 3:23b).

The purpose is to express gratitude to God for His faithfulness from the inception of the Fellowship till date. It has been a long journey which only the Grace of God had seen us through to this point.

In the last 20 years, the Fellowship experienced different stages of evolution within which waters flowed by, wind blew, tempest tossed but in all God remain faithful and merciful.

During the main event in November who are your expected audience?

The progamme is open to all Seraphs and non-youths 9 that is adults. We have provision for the children as well.

Elders who don’t mind the gathering of the youth are also welcome but our Anniversary will be celebrated by all and sundry.

So, I ask what is the purpose of the Convention?

Am I in the right position to answer this question? I don’t know really. I am not part of the pioneer members of the Fellowship. My position as the convention’s chairperson ends in November.

Well I will try my best, history has it that late Snr. Supt. Apostle Durojaye Awoyemi, then chairman of United Council of Lagos State C&S churches, which metamorphosed into the Lagos State chapter of C&S Unification Church of Nigeria conceived the idea of creating  the Youth wing of the chapter in Lagos State.

Each constituent church in the chapter was written to to send the names of four representatives and the body was formed and a Steering Committee was constituted.

Snr. Supt Apostle Joseph Adagba Jpil was appointed as Youth coordinator while Most Snr. Apostle Prophet Kehinde Adeyoju Jpil was appointed as the Youth Supervisor then.

The first progamme organised by the Steering Committee was an Open Air Crusade at the frontage of C&S (Oke-Iye) Society, at No. 101, Cemetery Street, Ebute Metta, Lagos State. That was 20 years ago.

The event recorded a large turnout.  In order to sustain this unexpected interest from the Cherubim and Seraphim youth, the idea of organising an annual camp, now called convention, came up and the first one was held in 2000 at World New Jerusalem C&S Church, Osapa, London, on Vixctoria Island, here in Lagos State.

It was chaired by Elder Brother Femi Adepoju then. The purpose of that camping exercise was to foster unity amongst Seraph youth; to put an end to the migration of C&S youth to other churches. It was also meant to deal with issues affecting the spiritual and material needs of individuals youth and the church at large and to always revisit the salvation of the youth members.

What would you say should be the expectation of youth during this coming convention?

Greater things from their Creator. They should prepare their mind to have another encounter in His presence. God has promised a lot of good things for every individual that attends the convention and the Youth Fellowship at large.

However, for this year’s convention the committee has set aside progammes like lectures, documentary on the journey so far and the fellowship in the next 20 years, song ministration by gospel artistes, breakthrough prayers, undiluted Word of God.

There will also be discussions on health matters, Bible quiz, award presentation to deserving individuals and groups and so forth.

And our Anniversary will be celebrated in a grand style. I can assure you that lives will be transformed in and after the event.

After the 20th Convention, what’s next?

Haaaa, I don’t know really. Like I said earlier my position has an expiry date. Only God knows. He is the all-knowing God; He sees the end even at the beginning of everything.

In the actual fact, the Youth Fellowship chairman, Bro. MuyiwaOdedina, should be asked such a question.

He is in charge; himself and his team have their plans for the Fellowship, and they have been working tirelessly to achieve their plans. All I can say is God is taking the Fellowship to greater heights.

But talking about what is next for members of the fellowship after this coming convention, I can say with all sense of modesty that we are all moving into a new glory. We are all going higher and higher in the Lord. Many of us are predetermined to be among the rulers of this country and after this convention, we shall see a lot of transformation.

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