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Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi Is Comforter Sent To Mankind

Apostle (Engr.) Aderemi Daniel Adebiyi,Global President of Christian Ministers Welfare Initiative (CMWI), spoke with Seraphnews recently in Lagos where he spoke of plans to engage leadership of C&S Unification Church of Nigeria on ways to integrate the church into a global player.

What is the initiative about? What is it about Christian Ministers Welfare Initiative?

Thank you very much. Like you know we have a body called the Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN), which represents the larger body for all Christians in Nigeria. CAN is there for every Christian body in Nigeria.

Also, we have the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) which also represents a group of Christians in that body.

But the Christian Ministers Welfare Initiative, otherwise called CMWI, as the name implies, represents the interest of Christian ministers all over the country and beyond even.

We in that group came to realise that many ministers of God are catering for their members, but they are not being adequately catered for. They pray for people; they solve the physical and spiritual needs of their members, but we realised that no one is really looking after them. We try to address the physical and spiritual needs of ministers of God whenever we observe laxity in their lives. That was why we set up CMWI.

At what point did you conceive this idea of catering for welfare of ministers of God?

Let me tell you frankly and sincerely that it was a directive from God. The CMWI project was a directive we received and which we have been following through in the last 10 years now.


When the government saw what we were doing, helping to manage ministers of God in term of their ministers, then they signified interest to partner with us. That was the regime of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration since we are registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Let me also inform you that over the years, our membership cut across every parts of the world because we have our members scattered to several countries of the world now. All these are because they saw what we are doing and the believed in it.

That is not all: CMWI also takes care of orphans in orphanage homes. We award scholarships to indigent students who we see are really in need.

So, you are saying that the government is aware of what you are doing?

I have just mentioned to you that the Federal Government is fully aware of CMWI especially during the regime of former President Goodluck Jonathan who was made Grand Patron of the organisation.

Since inception, we had held series of prayer session and rallies in support of Christian ministers and the needy. You may not know that in the recent past, we had held series of marathon prayer sessions particularly towards the 2015 general elections.

Since we are not for a particular political group, we organised prayer sessions across the country for peaceful elections. Let me tell you too that we have branches of CMWI spread across the country in about 31 states of Nigeria.

Also, as a prelude to the 2015 general elections, we organised a sensitisation rally across Nigeria on the need for a free, fair and peaceful elections.

As part of our activities in the past, we had once held an orphanage rally where we involved the physically-challenges to rally to create impression in the mind of the powers-that-be then on the need to provide more for them.

In the past we had organisedtalkshops and seminars for men and women of God to where they are trained and retrained on the Way of the Lord. These seminars were taken round Nigeria at the time.

Those seminars were carried out for pastors so that they could know what to do as men and women of God and also how they should operate within the system of government while still serving God.

We also realized that there are some pastors whose ministries needed to be assisted in terms of financial assistance. We do all these within the resources at our disposal.

Since the coming of the administration of President MuhammaduBuhari, what could you say CMWI had done with the government?

I can tell you that we have also been a partner with the MuhammaduBuhari government.

We have done some activities to help cushion the programme of the government and this we pledge we will continue to do.

Especially, at the last general elections, we used a unit of our organisation, called Independent Support Group (ISG) to support the Muhammadu Buhari government. We have sent emissaries to the president that our purpose for partnering with the Federal Government was to protect the interest of Christian leaders in the country and we can safe, in fairness to this government, that they have been doing it.

Now that the elections are over, what has CMWI been doing in the country?

Befoe that I want you to know that as part of our programmes, we have a magazine which we called ‘The Christian Voice’ magazine. This we use to highlight our activities and also we use it to sensitise Christians on activities in various churches. Again, we believe the magazine will help us better to air the voice of ministers of God across the country.

In the past when we publish this magazine, ministers of God used the opportunity to compare notes of their activities in Christendom.

We have realised today that there are various activities in the body of Christ today that many people do not know about. We know of what Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi id doing among the white garment churches and it is part of our mandate to showcase these.


Same applies in many Christian denominations today in Nigeria which are not well known to Christians.

Be it known to you that CMWI is a non-denominational Christian group. There are many Cherubim & Seraphim churches in CMWI; same for the Celestial Church of Christ and other churches are in the group. Ours is just to cater for the welfare of Christian ministers wherever they are.

You claim the group pray for the development of the country as part of your mandate, but one would be forced what have you done regarding the series of security challenges facing Nigeria today like herdsmen menace, Boko Haram, kidnapping and so forth?

Thank you for that question. I want to tell you today that challenges are not peculiar to Nigeria alone. There are challenges all lover the world. Go to America, Europe, the Middle East and in Asia, all over the world, there are security challenges everywhere.

As Christians, we should not forget what the Holy Bible said that toward the close of age, a lot of these things will happen.

So, no matter how well the government tried, these security challenges will still be there.

So, it is not that the government is nonchalant about it. Not at all. These are signs of the end time.

When you talk about these challenges, they can be traced to the porosity of our borders. Let me tell you, Nigerian borders are so porous that anything goes there. People come into Nigeria anyhow. That is where these Boko Haram and herdsmen people are coming from.

There are a lot of security lapses in our borders. The number of security operatives that are deployed to man those borders are not enough and the kinds of weapons they hold are not sophisticated enough to man these places.

These are some of the things we tell the government at CMWI when we have the opportunity.

Let me tell you if anybody discountenances the essence of prayer in Nigeria, that person is ignorant. I can boldly tell you here today that this country still remains as one today only because of prayers of the elect.

Let us thank churches that organise prayer sessions like the Cherubim & Seraphim churches, the Celestial churches, the Anglican Church, the Pentecostal churches and so on. But for their prayers this country could have be in war now.

But do you think there is a solution to Nigeria’s challenges?
Yes of course there is solution to whatever challenges that come one’s way. The first and sure way to solving a problem is through prayer. Prayer is the Master Key.

Let me tell you that people may not know the import of prayer sessions and revivals being carried out in various churches.

Recently, Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi had the Celebrate the Comforter crusade at the TafawaBalewa Square in Lagos State.

At the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Winners chapel, Mountain of Fire and all other Christian bodies, revivals are organised all to beg God to bring peace unto our land.

The Holy Ghost programme of the RCCG and the Celebrate the Comforter organised  by Mama Ajayi and many more such programmes are geared towards bringing peace to Nigeria. So, I can boldly tell you that victory will come; peace will come.  After darkness light will shine and Nigeria will be great again.

Did you say CMWI is open to all Christian denominations?

Of course, yes. Every minister of God is free to join this movement because we are convinced that we are doing the right thing.

Remember I told you that we are on ground with chairmen in 31 states of Nigeria.

We just came back from Republic of Benin where we were invited to meet Catholic bishops across West Africa who came there for a programme.

That programme attracted thousands of Catholic faithful who came to Republic of Benin for the programme. I am not Catholic but our mission transcends local denominations. We are a global group with its root in Nigeria.

We are reaching out to the leadership of the Cherubim & Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria led by the Supreme Head, His Most Eminence Solomon Alao and other leaders there hoping that many of their members could benefit from what we are doing.

With special reference we commend what Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi is doing not only among white garment churches alone, but in the entire Christendom. The Lord told us in the Bible that He was going but that He would send a Comforter to us.

Of course, we have the Holy Spirit as our Comforter, but the activities of Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi show that she is also another Comforter sent by God to mankind and that is why she needs to be more appreciated and celebrated.

She is a Comforter in a human form. That is why she organises the programme ‘Celebrate the Comforter.’ She herself is a comforter of a sort and God will continue to bless her wherever she goes.

She is really a special being sent by God to earth for the restoration of lost sheep back to Himself. We also know that there are many such good-spirited individuals in the C&S Church, the Celestial Church of Christ, the CAC, Redeemed Christian Church of God and other church doing wonders for God. They are all well appreciated. We need more such good-spirited people like Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi in Christendom to lift the work of God.

As a man of God yourself, some Nigerians are wondering whether prayers are still answered again considering the many crises across the country. What will be your message to these doubting Thomases?

I have said it earlier that prayers are still being answered in Nigeria. God is still listening to the cries of the elect in Nigeria. God loves Nigerian I must tell you. Some have even said that God is a Nigerian.

Let me tell you again that it is prayers alone that is still keeping Nigeria together. That is why we as ministers of God will not relent kin our prayers.

The problem that has been identified in Nigeria is that of leadership. The issue here is that corruption, ethnicity, religious bigotry, nepotism and the likes have eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigeria. The entire Nigerian systems has been affected by these problems.

These problems also pervade the body of Christ too. There is disunity within the body of Christ.Prayers are not answered where there is confusion and where there is fighting.

Thank God for people like Mother Esther Ajayi and some others who are bent on uniting the body of Christ in Nigeria and we pray for these people that the God of Host will continue to abide with them. We in CMWI had observed from afar that Rev. Mother Ajayi is a woman of peace and. May God continue to be with her and her household.

What is your relationship with the CAN? Are you under them or are you separate entities?

We are not under the CAN. Not at all, but we understand that the body is the umbrella body for all Christians in Nigeria.

We are a corporate entity under the CAC. So, there is no rivalry at all. We are for the welfare of all Christian ministers. We do things together with CAN sometimes.

We have schools, we have mountain top, we have orphanage home where we cater for. So, we are into many things and this makes us to stand out.

Let us use this opportunity to ask you your take on infighting among church leaders in Nigeria because we observe that there a lot of in fighting among church leaders nowadays?

That is a question I always want to address any day. Let me tell you that many people who proclaim the name of God, who call themselves church leaders are not servants of God. Many are doing the opposite of what God asked us to do.

Why do we have to fight as a body of Christ? What is our purpose of fighting? What have we to gain as children of God when we drag the name of God in the mud?

We are all supposed to be focused on the kingdom of God. Paul said in the Bible that we should not allow division among us as Christians. I for Paul, you for Apollos should be done away with among children of God.

If we do not change and stop this fighting, all our efforts here on earth will definitely come to naught at the close of age.

We should remain one in Christ. The church should be one under one shepherd. We in CMWI interact with any denomination; we are for C&S Church, we are for Celestial Church, we are for Anglican Church, Redeemed Church, Catholic are in CMWI.

And when we are one as Christians should we go confront those of the other faith in fighting?

…Laughs.  There is no contest with any one or with any religious group. It is not for any being to judge his fellow being. God is the only judge. We cannot fight for God.

God even commanded us not to judge people. So, it is God that can determine who is His. So, we have no audacity to fight anyone in the name of religion. It can nit be God that you are serving if you do that.

Let Christians serve God and let the Muslims serve God. It is God that knows who is serving Him. In heaven, a church leader may not enter kingdom of God and a church member will enter it. Also, we may say all Muslims will not make heaven and be disappointed that some of them will enter there before a Bishop or church leader. So, we should not discriminate against anyone.

Maybe we should touch on the recent ragging issues in Nigeria now which is xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa and the reprisal that we have seen in parts of Nigeria. As a Christian leader in Nigeria, what is your view on this and adviser to Christians generally on the issue?

Thank you. It is a very sensitive issue right now that Nigeria and South African governments are trying hard to address. I want to believe based on what we have seen that it is not all Nigerians in South Africa that are being attacked.

It could be South Africa’s Nigerian version of Area Boys that are perpetrating this heinous act. I also believe that it is only happening ion some remote parts of South Africa. We have not heard that they are killing our people in Pretoria, Johannesburg or Cape Town. I stand to be corrected.

I believe that rather than resort to reprisal attacks here, we should allow our to handle the matter. Looting of shops at Shoprite Malls, MTN offices and other South African interests in Nigeria is not the right thing to do.

Again, the people of South Africa, rather than kill Nigerians should always remember our role during their apartheid regime and what we commit to that course.

Lastly, you mentioned a programme of the group that is upcoming soon. What is it about?

Thank you. CMWI will be 10 years old this year. It is sad that we do not have a befitting Secretariat of CMWI. We are planning a Secretariat complex either in Lagos or Abuja. It is a project that is very dear to CMWI because in that Secretariat, there will be many offices of our subsidiaries like the Christian Voice, the drama/film unit and several other things.

Also, we realised that there are far more numbers of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) now in Nigeria than before and maybe most of them are Christians. Catering for these Christian IDPs is part of our mandate and we are poised to go out full throttle in achieving this. Also, we will not leave the Muslim IDPs behind wherever we find them. So, we need to resuscitate this aspect of CMWI and we can not do it alone. We need the support of well-meaning Nigerians to achieve that.

We also want to make full use of our drama/film department to project unity among Christians and unity among Nigerians. We also want to resuscitate the Christian Voice magazine to project further Christian interest all over the world.


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