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Tears as ‘The Worshippers’ holds virtual funeral for Primate E. B. Alder

Thursday, May 21, 2020, would go down in history of the Cherubim & Seraphim organisation as a day too hard to be forgotten.

It was the day a great Seraph and member of the Ecclesiastical Council of the Cherubim & Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria was committed to mother earth.

Primate Emmanuel Babalola Alder (Igbehin Adun) Cumpadi, was a church leader loved by all and appreciated both at home and in the Diaspora. He had joined his ancestors on Monday, May 4, 2020.

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He was one whose burial would have naturally attracted the presence of the mighty and lowly and prominent men and women of the pulpit would have gathered to pay their last respect to the departed church leader, but that was not to be.

Primate Alder was buried at a time the world was on lockdown on account of the Coronavirus pandemic which suddenly threw the world into frenzied mood. Since there was restrictions on movement and gathering of people, several hundreds of thousands of members of the Cherubim & Seraphim Church of Christ ‘The Worshippers’ stayed glued to the social media – amid tears – to partake in the virtual burial service and interment of the late church leader.

Of course with strict observance of social distancing and a crowd of no more than 20 people, the leadership of ‘The Worshippers’ still gave their own the deserved last respect. The Ecclesiastical Council of the church was duly represented, while the Council of Elders of ‘The Worshippers’, his family and a handful of church members (all not even up to 20 persons) performed the ceremony.

Some leaders of the Church in attendance at the ceremonies were Gen. Supt. Apostle Ethiopia Omoshein (who is deputy to Baba Alder), Snr. Supt. Apostle Joseph Adagba (who is also chairman of the Lagos State Chapter of the Unification), Snr. Supt. Apostle Prof. Akinsulie, Snr. Supt. Apostle J. K. Kunlipe and a few others.

Born in Lagos Island, Lagos on June 18, 1935, to the family Mr. Victor Bankole Alder and Mrs. Christiana Abeke Alder. Primate Alder is a true born Lagosian.

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His Father was a descend of Alder of Brazillian Quarters on Lagos Island as well as Jakande Chieftaincy family, while his mother was from Ipinlaiye Campbell Descendants.

His maternal grandfather was the great missionary, the late Most Rev. James George Campbell who founded the African Episcopal Church in 1903 and founded a St. Stephen Primary School in Lagos Island, Lagos.

Bro Alder as he was fondly called by his members attended Salvation Army school and Tinubu Methodist School for my primary school education around 1950. 

He proceeded to Christ High School, Ilubirin, Marina for my secondary school education.

He subsequently started working with one Mr. Adigun as a clerk. It was later, his grandpa Campbell founded St. Stevens Primary School and he was invited to come and teach there.

Due to his foray in education, he preceded to Lagos Teacher Training College in Ebute –Elefun 1956 where he graduated with Honours in Education.

He worked as a teacher for many years and was promoted to the position of Assistant Headmaster. He was highly respected by all because of disciplinary principles and commitment to teaching and learning.

One of his students is a member of His church (Apostle Pius Oyekan). After many teaching years, he moved to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare as a welfare officer.

He went for both local and international training on welfare and leadership. He was posted to Surulere –Binding Center. There were 4 districts that he supervised.

These centers were called the Boys Club. These clubs were established purposely to impart knowledge to youths, remolding the boys, taught them sports, and other hands-on empowerments.

After years, he left to join Lagos city council, where he was in charge of Prison welfare. His role was to visit the prisoners especially the young one, he counsels them and worked as probation officers. Later he was transferred to the Lagos Sea Port as Port Welfare Officer.

His duty was to take the sailors round Lagos and organize different recreational activities for them. He was placed in charged of Old People Homes at Maroko, Ikoyi and was involved in many community development programs and projects.

It is interesting to note that he had been involved in skeletal church activities before he plunged fully into God’s work in 1970.


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