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We’ll train our youths to cope with post-COVID-19 hiccups

Brother Dr. Emmanuel Taiwo Aiyegbusi Jpil is National President of the Youth Fellowship of Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria. Tinuola Oshuntokun of Seraph News had a chat with him at the Ecumenical Centre during the 95th anniversary of the church at seraphim land, recently.

C&S is 95 today. What do you have to say about this?
Yes, we need to appreciate God for his wonderful work in our life, we thank God that the church is growing and waxing stronger despite all hurdles and challenges here and there.
We thank God that the church is moving forward and we thank God for His wonderful works in our church.

As President of the National Youth Fellowship, what is the Fellowship doing to take the church to a greater height?
In the Youth Fellowship, we are trying our best in order to maintain the status quo, and build upon the legacies of our forefathers so that the church will continue to move to greater heights. We are trying to train our upcoming youth in line with the will of God.
We are all aware of the havoc the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon the whole world, what is your office doing to help seraph youths live a better life even after the pandemic.
We are trying our best to help our youths. COVID-19 has brought about new changes and challenges. In other to overcome these challenges, we embarked on different online programmes on different social media platforms. We even held our virtual meetings at the same time we are trying to train our youths on ICT for them to have knowledge on e-commerce, digital marketing and the likes so that they will be able to march up with the current economic situations in the country.

The word ‘new normal’ is the talk of the day. it’s said that we can’t live our normal lives even after the eradication of the pandemic. What are your plans to assist seraph youth balance their secular assignment with that of spiritual?
I am very happy with this question. It is a coincidence with our plans. This morning, we met with some ICT experts. With them we are planning to organise training for our youths. No less than 250 youths will be benefits from this. We will be having 20 youths representing each state and the training will be held at the Seraphim land here.
We are training them on e-marketing, e-commerce, digital marketing and how to be self-employed because COVID-19 has brought a lot of challenges and we need train our youths in order to match up and cope with the new trend in the world.
Many youths have been laid off from their places of work, but we want to restore hope in them so that they will be self-reliant and become self-employed.

Our church looks forward to her centenary celebration in the next five years. Where do you see us by that time?
I need to respond by shouting ‘Halleluyah’. Presently, the church is giving us hope. The hope of the church has been restored. According to the theme of the 95th anniversary, ‘Revive Your Work’, great revival has started already. Things are changing gradually.
Five years ago we were not where we are today. We are moving physically and spiritually. You can see structures on Seraphim land. Our churches are also moving both in local churches and at the state level.
I believe in next five years, the church would have experienced more transformation in all areas and even our youths would have been transformed and they would be more upright as far as their spiritual and physical lives are concerned.

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