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No pandemic can have dominion over Seraphs; our hymnals say so – Prophet Taiwo Akinsola

Special Apostle Taiwo Akinsola Jpil is popularly known as Omo Baba Woli ni Ilasamaja, an astute man of the P0en profession and also a prophet of God.
He had a chat with TINUOLA OSHUNTOKUN of Seraph News at 95th anniversary of the Church recently at Ecumenical Centre, Maba along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway. Excerpts.

As a Seraph how do feel today that the Church is celebrating her 95th anniversary?
I thank God for everything that is happening in the church today. People like us are born Seraphs. We grew up a Seraph. We did everything in the Cherubim & Seraphim Church. So, that the church clocks 95 this year is a miracle because this is an organization that God established, first of its kind in Africa.
All the other churches are being brought by the white men. But this particular church of God is brought about by an African, not even an African alone but a Nigerian.
So, the C&S Church is a blessing to Africa. A blessing to we Nigerians and all to mankind as we have seen today that the church is in almost all continents of the world today.
I know by the time we will be celebrating 100 year, it will be more glorious than this.

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of barriers into Christendom, what do you have to say about this?

We will continue to pray because before the emergence of COVID-19, there had been a revelation about it. I think about two years ago, a particular person that was in trance. I remember vividly she said we should pray against a pandemic that will affect everyone in the world but we did not recognize it.
We did not give heed to it. Maybe because we are Seraphs. If it had been in some other places, it will probably would have been taken seriously.
The person in trance was a young girl of about 14 years of age. It was in 2018. She said we should pray that there will be a pandemic that will affect every economy, every mankind all over the world.
Of course we prayed that day and maybe it was the effect of our prayer that makes the effect of the pandemic to be very subtle in Nigeria. Yes it has affected Christendom but we thank God we are still alive and our church (C&S Church) remains a reference point in the Body of Christ today. COVID-19 or any pandemic cannot have a place in the C&S Church. This promise is there in our hymn book. It is a prophesy for us Seraphs that we shall know no pandemic and that is what we have seen today.

The rate at which Africa is affected by the pandemic is so minimal compared to other parts of the world. What is your view in this regard?

Haa, that is God for you; the God of Seraphs at work there. I want to go to history now: Long time ago, during the days of St. Moses Orimolade, it was prophesied that there was going to be a pandemic, but that C&S members would not be affected and so it was. Such is the COVID-19 of which our church is not so affected.
Our country could still bear the level of at which we have the pandemic. The World Health Organization reported that Africa will be seriously affected but their report proved abortive. It was so minimal in Africa, that shows that God loves us. Glory be to God.

Our Church has been relegated in time past. As a media person, what are you doing to take C&S Church to a greater height?

Our church is coming up gradually, thank God for the Apostles God is using to raise the church, people like Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi.
She came up from nowhere and God started using her to propagate the church. Also, people like us in the media, we are doing our best and we will continue do more.
There are so many other people that God is using in their respective capacities to propagate the church. We thank God for where we are today. We can never be relegated again. We have become a force to reckon with. Thanks to the Apostles God has been using to change the face of the Church and thanks to Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi that God is using presently.

C&S is 95. Where do you see the church in the next five years when we will be celebrating our centenary?
Halleluyah!!! It is going to be great. Mark my word. We are taking over the world by the Grace of the Almighty God.

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