The Church I worship has nothing to do with my Talent – Bro. Adebayo Oyinloye, bottle Saxophonist


At the just concluded Seraph Youth Praise Night held at the Chapel of Restoration, Seraphim Land, Maba, Ogun State, on Friday, December 4, 2020, Bro. Adebayo Babatunde Oyinloye, who used a plastic bottle to replicate a saxophone during the Ondo State Youth Choir Ministration quickly became the ‘Man of the Moment’ as he took the whole congregation astounded with his creativity.
Tinuola Oshuntokun of Seraph News caught up with him at the event in this interview.

May we meet you?
My name is Adebayo Babatunde Oyinloye, a member of the C&S Church, Iro Ayo, Ondo State. Am 20 years old. The first child of a family of six.

Where did you get this creativity you displaced here today?

I discovered the talent when I was in SSS 1; that was in year 2016. The inspiration just dawned on me when I was in the class that day. But before then, I remembered I had a dream, I saw myself playing a trumpet.
At home then, I started using my younger ones’ toys to practice. I kept on trying but I didn’t get it. In school then, I had a classmate called Shitu Oluwasegun who had a recorder.
I would beg him to allow me practice with his recorder but he would say ‘No, No, No, you can’t play it’. One particular day, it came to my mind that I could use plastic bottle to practice but it was during the Mathematics class.
Immediately the teacher left the class, I quickly got a plastic bottle. I played it but there was no sound that came out of it. So, it was not interesting to the ear. So many things came to my mind that day and I kept on trying. At some point, I cut the mouth of the plastic and it gave a little sound. I didn’t give up since then.

What do yo intend to achieve with the instrument?

I want it to go viral to glorify the name of God. Of course, I am still under training and I want to be better trained. I also plan to have a training school in future for people coming behind me who are interested in such instrument. I want to be among the best saxophonists in the world.

Are you a university graduate and if Yes, what is your discipline?
I am still a Jambite planning to study Architectural Engineering from the University of Technology, Akure, in Ondo State. By the Grace of God I should be admitted after the ASUU strike.

How do you intend to balance your training with your education considering the fact that you still want to further your education?

I know with God all things are possible. I know it requires a lot of hard work and seriousness. I will work hard to give the two assignments the best. I pray God crowns my effort.

What would you do if a non-Seraph decides to give you all necessary support by asking you to leave the church?

No, No, No,

Cuts in- Don’t you think that is possible?

I am a born Seraph. I don’t think anyone can take me away from my church.

Cuts- in- I agree you are a born Seraph. What if the person from another denomination is interested in you and not interested in your church?

Ahh, if truly the person is ready to help me, then I don’t think the person should ask me to leave my church. My church has nothing to do with my talent.
I know this is a big decision to make but I pray God will help me to take the right decision when the time comes.

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