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LOC Igbaye remains a shining light for everyone – Pro. Olawale Oyaniyi

Prophet Olawale Oyaniyi JP is the  Prophet-in-Charge of Love of Christ (LOC) Generation C&S Church. He spoke with Seraphnews, recently, at Igbaye, during the first anniversary of the church.

Could you introduce yourself to our esteemed readers, please?

My name is Prophet Olawale Timothy Oyaniyi. I am one of the ministers of God in this church, but specifically the Prophet-in-Charge of the LOC church at Igbaye here.

What are your experiences since you became the minister in charge of the church?

If we have to start counting our experiences, we can’t finish it in a day because the Lord has used our mother, Rev. Mother Esther Abimbola Ajayi to establish the LOC church at Igbaye here. It is really a good thing and quite marvellous in the eyes of everyone that has associated with this church.


 Through this church, we have been able to record uncountable miracles that the Lord has done to which a lot of people have come to testify.

It is as if the church has been in existence in the last 20 years, whereas it just a year old. Various miracles that we have records of such as the blind seeing, the sick receiving healing, the lame walking, had happened here in the last one year. You may go about the town and do your findings.

All these we were able to achieve when we pray in name of the God of our mother, Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi.

How would you describe the relationship of the church and the people of Igbaye community?

Yes, the relationship is very cordial. The people of this community support everything we do here in the church. We operate in love even with other neighbouring communities. We work together as one. As a matter of fact, we have many of them join our services and they have been testifying to the greatness of God here.

Could you share with us the challenge of the church in the last one year?

We don’t really have any challenge because the Bible says all unrighteousness is a sin. We pray every time. We believe in the efficacy of prayers even though the Bible says, ‘all days are of evil’. We redeem each day with prayer as it is stated in the Word of God.

So if there will be any challenge, we believe that through prayers and offering of thanksgiving to God, the challenge will be taken away. But so far, we have been living by the grace of God.


Is there opportunity for non-Seraphs and non-Christians to worship in your church?

 Whatever that is established through love does not segregate. Jesus Christ during his stay here on earth did everything in love and our mother, Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi does everything she does in love in order to unify everyone.

If she has her way, she would have wanted everyone on earth be Christians even  Seraphs. Here in our church there are rooms for everyone to worship with us.

You probably heard the Onigbaye of Igbaye testifying to the glory of God during the service, how he won a court case.

He mentioned the role of this church in his eventual victory at the court.

Could you share with us the significant role the church played that brought about the winning of the case?

God is really using our mother, Mother Esther Ajayi even especially in this community. I said this because God used her to established this church. If God has not used her to establish the church, we probably might not experience these miracles, breakthrough and deliverances the community is experiencing now.

The light of God has really shined in Igbaye and other neighboring communities since the establishment of the church. The light of the ministerial assignment of our mother shined on that court case you mentioned.

God really manifested himself while the case lasted. The king has faith and is diligent in his service to God. He often joined all the services we do here.

I recall that our Mother had revealed to us that the king would be victorious in the court case many times and that happened at the end of the day.

God had since promised to fight all his battles one of such is the case he testify about.

What is your advice to members of this church and the community?

My advice to them is to recognise their God. You will achieve a lot in this world and the world beyond if you put all your trust in God.

I implore everyone to come and enjoy the grace of Jesus Christ here because only in Him you can find life.


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