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Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi silences critics in triumphant entry into London, explains why she’s ‘away for some time’

Renowned world evangelist and philanthropist extraordinaire, Rev. Mother Abimbola Esther Ajayi has finally broken her silence on why she left London for some time.

Recall that Mother Ajayi had been out of London since 2017 and that had sent a lot of cynics’ tongues wagging as to the real reason she had not been in London for so long.

Recall that Rev. Mother Esther Ajayi made a glorious and triumphant entry back into the United Kingdom a few days ago and she held a thanksgiving service at her Love of Christ Generation Church headquarters in London, on Sunday.

Rev. Mother Ajayi, who was in her ebullient self, was full of smiles and appreciation for what God has done in her life and particularly how her ‘disciples’ had kept the flag flying when she was away from the European country.


Giving her testimony during the church service, she began by saying, “I want you all to know that the God we serve is full of mystery and I know the One that I worship. When I came in here (UK), I came here as a visitor with my husband and children.

“But I overs-stayed and what happened was that my daughter wanted student loan. So, she got into some issue with immigrations people.

“The (authorities) came to our house and took my fingerprints. I have never worked here before. I have always been a pastor. Then wealth came my way with the help and grace of God and some became jealous. I am a citizen of St Kitts and Nevits. I went to France and on my way back they said the fingerprints with immigration. I have never seen that before.”
She used the occasion to praise former President Olusegun Obasanjo (Whose wife was present at the Sunday Thanksgiving Service), Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi (Ojaja II), wife bof former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Cherry Blair, Evangelist S. Abiara and some others for their believe in her and their steadfastness with her course during those trying period.

She continued, “While I was praying, the Lord called out to me saying ‘Esther omo Ayo, go to Nigeria. I want to use you all over the world.’

“The Ooni and Baba Obasanjo looked at me and said, ‘why can’t you wait and let the papers come out?’ I told them that I can’t wait. So, I left for Nigeria immediately as the Lord directed me.

“On October 22, 2017, I got to Murtala Mohammed Airport in Lagos and about 3,200 C&S and Celestial members were there to welcome me back home. If your Creator is with you in a mission, it is always easy.


“I have heard a lot of stories about why I had not been in London. Some said ‘she went to give the Queen money and the Queen said what is the source of the money and she ran’, some said that she was owing tax and she couldn’t pay, also some said the money is blood money (that was what made me angry the most).

“Some even said that they wrote petition to the Home Officeand that is why they have not given me my papers. These are satanic envy.

“Let me make it clear today: Nobody wrote any petition against me. I can’t be more grateful to this country (UK). I overstayed here and I went back to my country and I am back here.”

Mother Ajayi condemned a Ghana-based clergyman who cast aspersions against her person.

“This Pastor (referring to herself) don’t do concubine; this pastor (referring to herself) don’t do voodoo and this pastor (referring to herself) don’t bleach.

“But the pastor saying those things against me, do voodoo, bleach, fornicates and practice those things that are displeasing to God. That is why the person is jealous of my success as a pastor.”

It was a remarkable Sunday (yesterday) as the faily large church was filled to capacity with men and women, some clad in their White garments, and some in mufti, joined Mother Ajayi for the special thanksgivings service.

Among those in attendance were wife of former president Obasanjo.


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