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Sacred Ebenezer Model Parish marks 35th Anniversary in style

On Sunday, November 28, 2021, the leadership and members of the Sacred C&S Church Unification Church of Nigeria, Ebenezer Model Parish Oke Irapada, at Idimu area of Lagos State rolled out the drums to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the church.
It was indeed a day to remember for members of the church when they chose to celebrate the 35th year of its existence.
The celebration was a week-long events which drew not a few men and women from all walks of life to the church.
Revival, Praise Night, visits to homes of the needy and several other activities marked the celebration.
The even crystalized on Sunday, November 28, when the church held a powerful thanksgiving service. At the anniversary proper that Sunday, men and women of substance were in attendance to rejoice with the church for the great things He had done in the life of the church and its members.
In her speech at the occasion, Chairperson of the 35th anniversary, Snr. Gen. Rev. Apostolic Mother Enitan Allen express the joy of members of the church for what God has achieved these past 35 years of its existence.
In her words, “We have reasons to rejoice and count our blessings because in the last 35 years we had our achievements even our challenges but in all we have learnt to say Ebenezer, Hitherto hath the Lord helped us. “In all this we see that it is appropriate to choose our theme as Hallelujah which was taken from Revelation 19: 3-6.
According to her the chapter revealed that the Saints of all ages that have passed pass through many years of experienced trials, tribulations and victories on earth and that the host of heaven would be singing Hallelujah before the throne of God forever, “for us singing this word on earth is a rehearsal for our sojourn with God in eternity.”
Minister in Charge of the church, His Grace, Snr. Elder Apostle Tope Saidi Jp, in his words, gave thanks to God for His faithfulness to the church since inception.
He also appreciated all members for their support towards the development of the church, while he prayed that they would all have cause to shout a resounding hallelujah after their journey here on earth.
However, the members of Ebenezer Model Parish Oke Irapada and guests present will not forget the 35th anniversary in short time,
The sermon for the anniversary was delivered by the Intercontinental Evangelist of Redeemed Christian Church of God,(RCCG) Pastor Tomisin Kalejaiye.
In his sermon, Pastor Kalejaiye rendered songs of praises to God and appreciated God on behalf of the church.
According to him, “If everyone has decided not to praise God, I will continue to praise Him because I have a background but God has not allowed my background to put my back on the ground.
“ ‘Hallelujah’ being the theme of the anniversary is not an error. God is truly worthy to be praised.” According to him, Hallelujah is an expression to praise and to adore God. “When you shout Hallelujah you are praising God and when you praise God blessings come down.”
He reminded the congregation that the dead could not praise God, but only the living. Hence praising God is not optional but compulsory.
Pastor Kalejaiye took his listeners both old and young through the class of praise.
He expressed that praise could provoke productivity and that praise could be used as a weapon.
“Praise is used as a seed to yield fruit. Praise can be used as a net to catch possession of the enemies.
“Your praise is a tool to show appreciation to God but you must not wait for God’s blessings before you can praise him. You must praise him when it is convenient and when it is not convenient.
“When you fail, when you are successful or disappointed, learn how to praise God,” he said.
One of the highpoints of the anniversary was the presentation of award of support by members of the Youth Fellowship and 22nd Convention Committee of the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria, Lagos State chapter to Snr. Gen. Apostolic Mother Enitan Allen Jp for her support during their convention.
It was a moment of honour for the anniversary chairperson of the 35th. It was indeed a glorious moment.

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