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Ona Iwa Mimo ready to host the world – Ola Mathew

Special Apostle Ola Mathew is a member of Ona Iwa Mimo Cherubim & Seraphim Church Nigeria and Overseas. He is presently the chairman of Oyo State chapter of the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria. The Vice Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of the C&S Unification Annual General Conference holding at Igboho in Oyo State between 27th- 30th January, 2022 and the Public Relation Officer of the Church. In this chat with Tinuola Oshuntokun of Serapnews he bares their plans the conference.

As the Public Relation Officer of Ona-Iwa Mimo, what can you about your preparation towards the Annual General Conference of the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria?

All machineries are in motion to have a successful conference. With regards publicity, arrangement is in top gear to provide adequate coverage f the event. The media group of Ona Iwa Mimo C&S Church known as Holiness Media are working to make this event worth the while.

Your committee must have worked tirelessly to make the conference a huge success. Share with us some of your plans?

Like I said earlier, we are planning big and our people (delegates) will be comfortable. 2022 conference is going to be an experience for all attendees. One important thing I will like to share is the area of security. I mean the security of lives and properties of our people. We all know the level of insecurity in the country, but I can say it boldly that all hands are on deck as far as security is concern. Of course, we know that our lives is in God’s hands but we also need to play our roles as humans.

We have engaged the services of security agencies like the Police, Civil Defence Corps and men of the Nigerian Army from the 244 Recce Battalion, in Shaki. They will all be available. Not only that; the local vigilance group too will be involved in security the entire area. All these are put in place for delegates to be rest assured that maximum security will be guaranteed.

What is the experience like in organizing a big event like conference, considering the fact that this is the first time Ona Iwa Mimo Church will be hosting the event for the first time?

It’s been a great experience. A similar thing had been done here at Ona Iwa Mimo, we do have her annual convention too here where we assemble a large crowd. The event can be equated to this Unification Conference. So, organizing this type of event is not new to us. It is only coming on a new dimension. We have to harmonize things and put a lot of things in place. With God on our side we will get a good result.

How will you rate Ona Imo Mimo Church?

Ona Iwa Mimo is God’s own Church. It is one of the churches that make up the C&S Unification Church of Nigeria. It is in the Group ‘A’ category in the Unification Church. We are doing wonderfully well in the Unification body and in Christendom generally. We are not just a member but one of the leading churches in Cherubim and Seraphim Unification Church of Nigeria. When you see any Ona Iwa Mimo church in the world you will understand what I am talking about.

What have been your achievements since you assumed office as the Chairman, C&S Unification, Oyo State Chapter?

I want to thank God Almighty for His grace. In Ona Iwa Mimo you don’t run after post, but assignments will be given to you when you are talented. Personally before God and man all the positions I find myself today, I never wanted it, but people nominated me.

It’s been so challenging combining the two offices but thank God for His grace. To the glory of God, we have achieved a lot since we assumed office. When we came in, I realized there were issues among members, but with God on our side, we were able to settle the issues. We did this first because where there is no peace there can never be development. We unanimously agreed to purchase a land for our permanent site. We have been able to organize a Christmas Carol of Nine Lessons when we came into office. This happened to be the first of its kind in the chapter.

The chapter had been able to produce a Calendar for year 2022. This is also happening for the first time. We also thank God that Oyo State chapter has been able to organize a Council of Baba Aladura’s, where the state executives relate with our fathers. We have the Executive powers and the Legislative powers, but the Council of Baba Aladura’s is of permanent structure. You don’t remove a Baba Aladura but we serve by terms. I have only three years to serve and at most I can only spend six years. That is if I am re-elected. We have a way of checkmating each other maturely. Our babas are doing wonderfully well. I must appreciate the chairman of the Council of Baba Aladura’s, His Eminence Gideon Adebare Owoseni for his fatherly role and support I pray God almighty will continue to be with them all.

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